Zero Consistency by Niks.One at Beams Japan

A lifelong journey through five different countries, lives and cultures. A dive into a combination of visuals exhibiting an illusion of the world through the eyes of a young and growing immigrant. A manifestation of struggle to detach from the visual oppress surrounded by advertising and the media world. A look into a personality research and identity definition through a set of layers replicating a personal story towards freedom of expression and a unique voice.

今回の<ニックス・ワン>による企画展<Zero Consistency:ゼロ・コンシステンシー>は、彼の血統的ルーツであるロシアン・アヴァンギャルド絵画、広告、そして黄金時代のカラーパレットをミックスした展示になっています。




B.Gallery 5th Floor
Beams Japan Building

Shinjuku-Ku, Tokyo Japan
June 22nd – July 15th 2019